We recognize that many churches use language and terms unfamiliar with guests and new members.  Therefore we are providing a list of terms that are important to our culture to help you better understand what we mean when we use these words.



Covenant - I will be to you what I am supposed to be regardless if you will be who you are supposed to be.



Family - A gathering of Christ followers who are called to build the kingdom of God, on the earth, together.

Freedom - The ability to make healthy choices in the midst of a culture with limitless options. 



Honor - I will celebrate who you are without stumbling over who you are not.

Hope - The confident expectation that the goodness of God will be made known in my life, heart and circumstances.



Joy - A strengthening disposition of my heart based upon the eternal goodness of God.



Leadership - Leadership is intentionally developing culture & people, with integrity, through relational connection.

Love - The nature of whom God is that shapes and influences how He interacts with our lives. Love always wins.



Orphan - A person who lives unaware and/or outside of their rightful, powerful and significant position in the family of God.



Self-Control - The ability to manage one's self with health and dignity while navigating a culture of limitless options.

Significance - I am significant in the eyes of God based upon the fact Jesus died for me and AS me.

Spiritual Orphan - A person who lives unaware of their rightful, powerful and significant position in the family of God.



Triumph - The already settled, victorious position in God. It is not something to be attained, but something to be enforced.