Women's Book Study

Gateway Chapel (map)

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Join us this winter for our study of the 5 Prophetic Personalities. During this 7 week study, you will learn to identify and understand your personality. These personality types will help you explore a deeper level of the gift of prophecy as you develop rich relationships and grow with other women.

Philippians Bible Study

Room 101 (map)

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We invite you this spring for our Philippians Bible study. During these 4 weeks, you will capture new understanding through a collaborative community that allows each individual to express their perspective, engaging in rich fellowship and learning the scripture together.

In Room 101

Women's Bible Study on Galatians

Gateway Christian Fellowship (map)

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Come challenge yourself this fall for our Galatians Bible Study. Throughout this 6 week Bible study, you will learn to live, love, and lead like Jesus through complex discussions. It will also give you an opportunity to develop rich relationships and grow with other women.

Location: Room 101