Message from the Chancellor of the School - Pastor Scott Tavolacci

Spiritual growth is a process that God intended for us to advance toward maturity, so we can fulfill our destinies in Him. The pursuit toward maturity or being “full grown” is fueled by desire and passion to know God. Although necessary, desire and passion alone will not lead to spiritual growth and maturity. Too often, we begin passionate for God, but because of the various trials of life we find ourselves drained and spiritually choked and deterring our spiritual growth.

The wonderful writer of the book of Hebrews (5:12-14) said we become mature by eating solid food. This spiritual food, when internalized and practiced, will train and sharpen our senses in order to differentiate what is Good and Godly from that which is not.

Training is a constant repetitive action that causes us to grow and excel. As we train over a long period of time we develop strength in the areas we are training in. The training process for our spiritual life is not different. It is by adhering to continual spiritual “practice” and personal interaction with God (as a trainer) that we begin to resemble His goal for us.

Consider Abraham, who for 25 years waited and walked with God before He received God’s promise of a son (Isaac). Those years were full of “work out” periods, of failure as well as success.

However, because of patient continuance of his faith in God, God caused Abraham to triumph and his purpose was fulfilled. The training process worked in Abraham a maturity that was God’s goal, and what resulted was that Abraham was to become the “Father of Faith” and a “Friend of God”.

The purpose of this school is to assist the growth process toward spiritual maturity by training and guiding. That by equipping each person individually it will allow the whole body of Christ to continually increase corporately, growing to fullness of the stature of God’s intended purpose.

We are implementing 3 major tracks for the school, so there is something for everyone’s spiritual journey:

Spiritual Formation and Growth

A growth track for the new believer, the experienced believer, those who have never had a foundational course and all who need the reinforcement of a foundational course. This course will run on a rolling basis and can be joined at any time. Teachings will include the Word of God, The Holy Spirit, Prayer, Evangelism and Discipleship.

Spiritual Leadership and Ministry

Teaching various courses on leadership and ministry, for anyone who aspires to grow in leadership and service in ministry.

Spiritual Maturity and Growth

Courses on subjects that will inspire us to a deeper growth, interaction, and fellowship with God.


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Pastor Scott Tavolacci
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