Three people gave their lives to our Lord and Savior this morning. All I did was be obedient to my God. God did the rest. I needed to go to the Make-A-Wish office to hand in my article and a framed matted picture of the Beatle Abby Rd shots. You know that uneasy feeling when you're not listening to the Holy Spirit?  I hadn'tdone it yet. Well, this morning I sent the prints out to my local drug store. I went to pick them up. The manager there commented on how lovely they are. She started crying. She said, my son died two months ago from cancer and I'm so mad at God. God just took over the conversation and I was able to allow our sweet loving God minister to her heart. She then gave her life to the Lord, right there in the drug store. Then, her ex-husband arrived. He just came to see how she was. It was his son too. This was her first day back to work. God ministered to his heart and he gave his life to the Lord too. They are coming to Gateway this coming Sunday. Glory to God!!  Amen

Then, I brought the pictures to a local craft store to get the pictures matted and framed. I women shopping saw the pictures and I shared about everything God has been doing. She was from Rhode Island visiting, she gave her life to the Lord too!

I'm in awe always of the Power of our God!

After that, I was heading to Trumbull. But first, I felt I had to stop by the church to drop off our donations to "Love where you Live". Back on the road to Trumbull. This is me just trying to be obedient to God. Of course, I show up when there was a huge meeting going on with the director of Make a Wish America there.  The director of Connecticut Make-A-Wish came out to the lobby to speak with me and accept the gift. We spoke for a moment, then I think God took over. I was dragged in to the meeting, 50 people, with the peace of God.  I spoke to them about how this wish helped my family to look at life with a different perspective, and how I found the peace of God! I was them asked to speak at this big fundraiser. Well, that's not what I had in mind- yes, I'm a work in progress. But boy oh boy am I excited to see God Move! being obedient to God was all I did! God took care of everything!

- Maggie Jamieson