IHOP Weekend with Allen Hood & Corey Russell

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Friday, February 23 to Sunday, February 25

Join us for our IHOP Winter Weekend with Corey Russell and Allen Hood.  Corey and Allen both serve on the leadership team of IHOP (International House of Prayer) and have a burning desire to see the church prepared for the glorious return of Jesus.  Join us for this exciting weekend of impartation and equipping. 

Charles Patterson

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Charles Patterson, from Austin TX, has over 20 years experience in leading churches and empowering people.  As Lance & Darlene’s pastor for nearly 12 years, he comes to Gateway to encourage us and to speak wisdom into our hearts as we journey with Christ.

Charles, along with his wife, Marquita, founded Church of the Hills in 1985 and lead the church until they transitioned out of that role in 2013. Since that time they have dedicated their life and ministry to investing in pastors and ministry leaders.

Charles’ focus is to equip and train leaders to become all God says they are in order to do what God designed them to do. His passion is to see everyone come alive to who God is and to all He has for them resulting in a powerful impact on the culture within which we live and work.

Charles and Marquita have traveled around the globe ministering to the church at large and encouraging leaders. Charles enjoys strong and vibrant relationships with many pastors in the Austin area. He has a strong desire to see the church awaken to its full potential to make a difference in our day.

Charles and Marquita have two adult children and five grandchildren.

Dennis Cramer

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Join us as we welcome back Dennis Cramer.  Dennis is an anointed teacher, author, and long time friend to Gateway.  This prophet to the nations will ignite hope in your inner man and encourage you to stand firm in your faith.

Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 6pm
Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 10am

Nick Champlin

Join us as we welcome back Pastor Nick Champlin, founding pastor of Gateway (Faith Christian Church).  Nick entered the ministry as a church-planter in 1975 and continues to serve as a senior pastor, missionary, and musician.  He describes himself as a grateful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rob Morris

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Rob Morris is the President and Co-founder of Love146, an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation.

Rob thinks it is awkward to write a bio in “third person”, pretending that someone else is writing it. So he asked those who matter most to him, know him best and would be the most honest, to tell you about him…his six children:

“Rob is short. He is passionate, funny, patient and makes the best lasagna. He’s a rock star, mentor and friend. Rob’s the most considerate person ever and makes people happy…not sure why, but he has that affect. He gives good advice, is afraid of clowns and can’t dance. He’s the best speaker I ever heard and his favorite word is “bizarre.” Rob likes the New York Yankees and loves chicken parm, He’s the best storyteller ever, and does things that matter and make a difference. “

And from his youngest…”Me and Dad go fishing.”

Dr. Brian Simmons

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My wife, Candice, and I have been married for 43 years.  We both became believers during the Jesus Movement and   we got married so that we could serve the Lord together. We knew we were called to go to the unreached tribal people so we went through a rigorous time of training and preparation with New Tribes Mission and then set off for the jungle village up the Pucuro River where the Paya-Kuna people had lived for centuries in the jungle. I guess you could say we were pioneer missionaries sent to reach the village for Jesus Christ. God answered our prayers and worked many mighty miracles to turn the hearts of the people to Jesus. Now, nearly everyone in the village follows the Lamb of God. While there I was involved as a linguist in the translation project of the New Testament in the Paya-Kuna language.

Almost forgot, how could I forget this! We have three wonderful children, six grandchildren, and…wait for it… 2 great-grandchildren! We are so blessed!!! Ok, back to our story:

After our missionary career we came to New England, the beautiful land of spiritual awakening, and were involved with starting an amazing church, Gateway Christian Fellowship, which we pastored for 18 years.

After turning the church over to a wonderful leadership team, we began to travel full time speaking, teaching, and helping churches and leaders to grow in Christ. We’ve had the joy of traveling to over 30 nations, sharing the message of God’s greatness and His end time glory that will be revealed through His people.

I’ve written a few books (3 books on Genesis, 1 on Isaiah, 1 on Moses, 1 about prayer, and my favorite, a verse by verse commentary on the Song of all Songs) so I hope you’ll check out our online store. More recently I’ve become involved with The Passion Translation Project and devote much of my time translating the Bible into a new, dynamic equivalent version that will help breathe life into your Bible reading.

I truly believe The Passion Translation has the potential to shape the spirituality of the English speaking church for generations to come.

The entire New Testament is scheduled for release in 2017, then I’ll begin on the Old Testament. Again, you can check out the titles we’ve released so far at our online store.

If I were to describe the passion that burns in both Candice’s and my heart it’s this: We want to change the world by being examples of a spiritual father and mother that will raise up millions of Christ followers who will be passionately in love with Jesus Christ.