A Word from Pastor Lance

Read the Word

As part of our “In the Beginning” prayer and fasting season we are committing to read the Book of Acts during the month of January. Let’s read the Acts of the Holy Spirit and ask God to fill us with the power to love God, which looks like obedience; and to love others, which looks like serving and stepping out in faith to administer God’s grace with power.

Below is a reading plan to help guide you during the month of January. Pastor Lance will send out a weekly email video encouraging Gateway and sharing what he has gleaned from the scriptures.

We also encourage you to use the following tools to chronicle your journey.

January 2Acts 1
January 3Acts 2
January 4Acts 3
January 5Acts 4
January 6Acts 5 & 6
January 7Acts 7 & 8
January 8Acts 9
January 9Acts 10
January 10Acts 11
January 11Acts 12 & 13
January 12Acts 14 & 15
January 13Acts 16
January 14Acts 17
January 15Acts 18
January 16Acts 19 & 20
January 17Acts 21 & 22
January 18Acts 23
January 19Acts 24
January 20Acts 25
January 21Acts 26
January 22Acts 27 & 28

Pray for power

God has been so good to Gateway in 2016 and we believe great things will continue in 2017. Therefore, we are asking you to join us in 20 days of 24/7 prayer. From the beginning of creation, we discover a God who creates life with the power of His voice.  When we listen and pray what He says, life is created. Beginning January 2, 2017 at 10:00am, we will partner with Him for 20 days of 24/7 prayer and fasting.

We will end our 20 days of prayer, fasting and reading the bible with an extended time of worship and celebration on Sunday, January 22 at 10am.  Thanks for participating in this powerful time and for lending your voice and heart to the dreams and promises God has for us.


Please email us and let us know about your time with Jesus.