As Singles, we can chart our own path in the company of Holy Spirit. As He was with Jeremiah, Daniel, Paul and especially with our Lord Jesus, He will be with us also. He will lead us to adventures in the supernatural, completing us in Him and with our Lord Jesus. We can be bold and courageous to live a Christ filled life because we are married to Jesus Christ.  In Him, we can do all things!

What we do?


  • Joining together with Gateway sponsored mission trips (domestic and international) as well as getting connected with outside ministries like Iris and HIM


  • An avenue for Singles to serve and bless the church and the members wherever there is a need; to lose ourselves in loving service to others.
  • This could include visits to the sick and elderly in hospitals and in their homes, making calls to members who have been absent from service for more than a few weeks.


  • Take part in group Bible Studies and Prayer meetings
  • Using Christian resources (DVDs, books, CDs, etc) to enhance our walk.
  • Sharing life experiences through God Stories in order to build hope in others who are challenged by the same struggles.
  • Bring in guest speakers who can speak into the lives of Singles and encourage them in Christ centered living.


  • Enjoy good clean fun! Take part in group activities like movies, boat rides, picnics, hiking, dinner, holiday parties, etc in order to foster a sense of belonging.


  • Create accountability partners within the group, cheering each other on in holy living and honoring one another through our mistakes.
  • Keeping Christ at the center of our relationships with one another.
  • Utilizing the questions below as a tool of discipleship to build family and model reproductive discipleship.
  1. What is the most amazing thing you have seen God do since we last met?
  2. What in the Bible did you read and how has it been shaping the way you think?
  3. Did you pray with someone outside your normal circle?
  4. What is the most significant spiritual realization you are stewarding?
  5. With whom can you share the answer to question #4?


We meet every other Thursdays. Check the current events page for our schedule.

Ministry Contact

Phebian Oke