We have become His poetry, a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny He has given each of us.
— Ephesians 2:10 TPT

CREATE is a conference that is design to help women discover or re-discover the unique abilities given to them in order to showcase the love, beauty, and power of Jesus. Our guest speakers are Havilah Cunnington (Bethel Church & Truth to Table) and Keacha Rogers (Gateway Christian Fellowship).

What talents have you been given for service to the Bride? In what areas of creativity do you shine? What gifts ignite your passion to bring glory to our King? In what areas do you look like our Creator Creative God?

...and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge, and with all kinds of skills…
— Exodus 31:3



Havilah Cunnington

Havilah Cunnington has been in full-time ministry for twenty years and serves as a pastor at Bethel Church. Havilah and her husband, Ben, lead a nonprofit and an online platform called Truth to Table, reaching the world with Bible studies, messages, and lifestyle leadership tools. Havilah and Ben live in Redding, California, with their four sons: Judah, Hudson, Grayson, and Beckham.


Keacha Rogers

Keacha Rogers is the Director of Women’s Ministry at Gateway Christian Fellowship. She has been walking with the Lord for 30 years and has over 30 years experience writing short stories, novels, plays, and Bible studies. Keacha is called to help women discover how their passions in life reflect their gifting from God so that they can fulfill their mission on this earth.




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1:30pm - Workshops

  1. Storytelling with Keacha Rogers

  2. Quilting with Diane Fernald

  3. The Fringe Hours with Rebecca Hastings

  4. Cooking with Holly Pommer

7:00pm - Session 1 with Havilah Cunnington


9:30am - Session 2 with Keacha Rogers

1:30pm - Workshops

  1. Storytelling with Keacha Rogers

  2. Painting with Patty Little

  3. Quilting with Diane Fernald

  4. Create with Instagram with Rebecca Hastings

6:00pm - Session 3 with Havilah Cunnington




Now through October 1, 2019

Individual Rate

$60 per person


Group of 10 or more

$50 per person


Once you have registered your group, to request workshop preference for the ladies in your group, please call Keacha Rogers at (203) 934-0880 or email krogers@yourgateway.com.

Until December 31, 2019
$60 per person or $50 per person with a group of 10 or more

January 1, 2020 - April 12, 2020
$70 per person or $60 per person with a group of 10 or more

At the Door
$80 per person




with Keacha Rogers

Story is power! With it, doorways into different worlds, realities, and dimensions can be opened and explored. The problems of life can be put on the back burner, and the reader can be swept up into grand adventures. Story takes the focus off of our troubles and fears and offers us a doorway into escape. As Christian writers, we have the unique privilege and ability to be able to open doors into worlds where people become immersed in stories that motivate them to change, encourage them to endure, and equip them to deal with real life. Story CAN and DOES infiltrate reality in order to bring healing and relief to the reader. Story CAN and DOES show people the real beauty and power of living a life with and for Christ. If you believe writing is your gift and calling, this workshop will help you discover or re-discover the power of the pen as it relates to the influence you can have in this world. You will receive some practical instruction, you will write, you will share, and you will walk away knowing the power you have to change lives with story.

About Keacha: Keacha is the Director of Women’s Ministry at Gateway Christian Fellowship. She has been walking with the Lord for 30 years, and has over 30 years experience writing short stories, novels, plays, and Bible studies. Keacha is called to help women discover how their passions in life reflect their gifting from God so that they can fulfill their mission on this earth.

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with Patty Little

A few years ago, Patty heard the heart of the Lord say He wanted to “pull creativity out of His people and break the spirit of comparison that had invaded so many of His children.” She excitedly said “Yes Lord, here I am; use me,” and began to have Women’s Paint Days. Unlike most paint events, Patty’s paint days allow each woman to paint something of their own choice, in their own way, with their own God-given creative bent, with lots and lots of encouragement, and with a little help from Holy Spirit. Whether you paint a lot, a little, or not at all, this workshop will pull out of you more creativity than you ever thought possible.

About Patty: Patty is a gifted artist and teacher who serves on the Gateway Women’s Advisory Board and is part of Gateway’s SOZO Ministry. She believes she is called to partner with the Godhead in order to bring healing and wholeness to people-body, soul, and spirit. Patty has had an “artsy flare” from grade school but didn’t find her artistic nitche until she was in her late 30’s. While painting, card making, event planning, floral decoration, and face painting were parts for her repertoire, her love for wall murals topped the list and became a profession. The name of her business is Touch of Color. Patty and her husband Steven have 2 children and 1 granddaughter.

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with Diane Fernald

This workshop will explore the beauty of quilting, and the joy of joining color, texture and design into a creation that will express God’s goodness and creativity through your eyes and hands. We will create an “Ebenezer”, much as Samuel erected a memorial to God’s goodness. (1 Sam 7:12) We will create an expression of God’s goodness in our lives through the joining together of fabric in colors and design, through ribbons and lace, buttons and bows, twigs and shells. You will learn how to combine these various elements to create an “altar” to God’s goodness in your life. There is no need to know how to sew, though that would be helpful. Simply bring your willingness to learn something new and your childlike wonder at creating something that reflects God’s love and care in your life.

About Diane: Diane has been pursuing creativity through the needle arts since she was a little girl, and her mother taught her how to knit at age 5. Over the years, she’s experimented with nearly all needlecraft, including sewing, knitting, crochet, tatting, embroidery, crewel and spinning. But when she started experiencing the creative delight in putting together fabric into quilts, there was no looking back. After creating wedding quilts for both her daughters, she realized that she could do so much more if she took a few classes (a lesson she learned years earlier while pursuing expertise in knitting). Today, she still takes lessons and delights in putting together colors and fabrics, designs and shapes, that are expressive of the creativity that God has gifted to each of us.

Diane’s philosophy is that as women who are made in God’s image, we each have a creative longing to make things and express ourselves through whatever means become available. For Diane, that means there is no needle art that isn’t worthy of exploration, bringing delight to the soul, as well as a smile to God’s face when we share His creative gifts with others.

Professionally, Diane is a nurse attorney. She has been married to her high school sweetheart Kent, for 45 years. Together, they have two beautiful daughters, and four incredibly beautiful, smart and creative grandchildren. She is a grateful member of Gateway Christian Fellowship and lives on the Shoreline in Connecticut.

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with Holly Pommer

Cooking creativity is vital for those of us who want to enjoy healthy options that taste good. There is no longer any need to choose between good tasting food or healthy food. Now, you can have both! This workshop will help you light a match to your cooking creativity by giving you insight on how to create healthy meals and snacks. You will have the opportunity to cook a simple meal and a snack, and you will leave with some recipes to try.

About Holly: Holly is a member of the Gateway Women’s Ministry Advisory Board, an amazing teacher, and an Executive Admin at Gateway. With her extensive training in SOZO and Transformational Prayer Ministry, Holly ministers to women at the heart level, bringing freedom from fear and generational lies that keep women in bondage. Her desire is for women to walk in the freedom that is the right of every Daughter of God. Holly and her husband Skip are proud parents of 4 adult children (pictured with one of her girls) and 2 very big dogs.

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with Rebecca Hastings


Instagram gives us the tools to create something beautiful while connecting with people. Discover how to go beyond looking at beautiful feeds to creating your own and connect with others. This workshop will be a hands on teaching time and exploration of ways to create a beautiful feed using photos, videos, and words, helping you grow your following for your ministry, business or personal account. Together, we will discover ways to make your Instagram beautiful, representative of you, and increase your visibility!


We are all busy, but you can create with only a little time in your schedule. This workshop, based on a book by Jessica Turner, challenges women to utilize the little pockets of time in their life to do things that make them happy, like creating. This workshop will include opportunities to explore what you truly enjoy doing and identify small ways to make time for those things in your fringe hours. Leave with a plan for incorporating more creativity in the middle of your busy life!

About Rebecca: Rebecca believes in finding extraordinary grace in ordinary life. As a writer and speaker, Rebecca encourages people to look beyond Sunday morning to discover faith every day. She has been featured in publications such as The Washington Post, (in)courage, and Relevant Magazine. Her books, including Worthy: Believe Who God Says You Are, can be found on Amazon.

Connect with Rebecca today at RebeccaHastings.net