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September 9-19, churches all across the country are participating in 10 Days of Prayer and Fasting, an intentional time set aside for our entire city.  We want Jesus Christ to be the focus of every heart for 10 entire days!

This is a call to take a break from what’s normal on earth so that we can enter into what’s normal in heaven.  10 Days is a call to take time out, to fast from ordinary life and daily distractions, and to see what’s normal in heaven happen in our city.

To serve this initiative, there are several times of prayer and worship happening in our region.  For more information, contact the church office at (203) 934-0880 or office@yourgateway.com.

Schedule of Services:  

Wednesday - Friday, September 12-14 - Sanctuary - 7pm to 10pm - Live Worship

Saturday - Sunday, September 15-16 - Chapel - 7pm to 10pm - Recorded Music

Monday, September 17 - Sanctuary - 7pm to 10pm - Live Worship

Tuesday, September 18 - Chapel - 7pm to 10pm - Recorded Music

Wednesday, September 19 - Sanctuary - 7pm to 10pm - Live Worship