Mike Breen, in his article "Why Most Church Discipleship Plans Fail" writes,


Defining a disciple is fairly easy, in my view. The Greek word mathetes is the word that Scripture uses for 'disciple', and it means learner. In other words, disciples are people who LEARN to be like Jesus and learn to do what Jesus could do. One great writer on discipleship put it this way: "Discipleship is the process of becoming who Jesus would be if he were you."

A disciple is someone who, with increased intentionality and passing time, has a life and ministry that looks more and more like the life and ministry of Jesus. They increasingly have his heart and character and are able to do the types of things we see Jesus doing. We don’t have to look far in the New Testament to see this happening. Just look at the lives of the Disciples/Apostles and the communities they led…over time, they looked more and more like Jesus!

How did the church go from 120 people in an upper room to more than 50% of the Roman Empire in about 250 years? Simple. They had a way of reproducing the life of Jesus in disciples (in real, flesh-and-blood people) who were able to do the things we read Jesus doing in the Gospels.


The article is clear isn’t it? If the church wants to fulfill her assignment in re-presenting Jesus in our everyday rhythms of life, to those with whom we intersect, then discipleship is absolutely necessary.  

Discipleship is mandatory, not optional.

Discipleship happens in community, not accomplished alone.

Discipleship is intentional, it's not something you “stumble” into.

We believe our discipleship process should be simple, effective and flexible. Therefore, here at Gateway we use a peer to peer method of discipleship utilizing coaching tools, encouragement, life-giving accountability and the demonstration of care and love. Our process for helping people be like Jesus and helping people to learn to do what Jesus could do, is supported by Small Groups, Gateway School of Ministry, Gateway School of Transformation and other training opportunities.

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