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Frank & Robbie Pack

Frank & Robbie Pack


Frank and Robbie Pack will be teaching this course, designed to give a clear understanding of the Kingdom of God in the original design and, subsequent to the Fall, God's plan for the believer to advance the kingdom to transform our culture. Topics will include: kingdoms at war, the pursuit of God, blocks to living a victorious life, becoming empowered to release the power of the kingdom within each believer and moving toward your God-ordained destiny. Times of prophecy and impartation will be part of the course.

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Kingdoms at War: Characteristics of the Two Kingdoms
  • The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven Restored
  • The Pursuit of God
  • Becoming Mature and Fully Equipped (Empowered)
  • An Honest Look at Blocks Hindering Victory in our Lives
  • Releasing the Kingdom Within You (Supernatural Lifestyle) to Transform Our Culture
  • Living a Victorious Life
  • Kingdom Perspectives in Pursuing Your Divine Destiny
  • A Time of Prophecy and Impartation

Required Reading:


  1. Bill Johnson - When Heaven Invades Earth : A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles. Special Revised Edition (2003). Destiny Image Publishers, Inc. Shippensburg, PA.


  1. Randy Clark - Healing out of Intimacy/Acts of Obedience. Message Series.
  2. Randy Clark - Pressing In/Spend and Be Spent. Message Series.

Fee: $35 per person (Includes the 3 items listed under Required Reading).

Call the office to register.