• Gateway Christian Fellowship - Room 101 (map)
  • 129 Bull Hill Lane
  • West Haven, CT, 06516
  • United States

Days & Time: Sundays 8:30am – 9:45 am

Location: Room 101

10 weeks

God has called all of us to lead. Powerful leadership comes out of a vision and understanding of our purpose and identity. Powerful leadership does not come out of a personality; it comes from the person of Jesus, living in and through you.

We will explore many subjects such as:

  1. Leadership flowing out of Identity
  2. Plans, Purposes and Pursuits – purification and motives
  3. Leadership examples for the Bible – the call, the process and growth
  4. Characteristics of powerful leaders
  5. Character versus anointing
  6. Difficulties leaders fall into 

This will be a time of impartation, training, and exploration for all who desire to grow in their calling to lead, whether in life, family, work or the church.

Registration Closed.