...cancer had shrunk to the size of a walnut and they did not know how that happened...

Recently one of our pastors was at an auto parts shop when he saw a young girl and her mother in the shop who he did not know. He saw that the young girl had her arm in a sling. He felt prompted by Holy Spirit to approach her and place his hand on her shoulder and quietly praying a healing prayer. He prayed for her and told her that he hoped she gets better. As the pastor was leaving the store, the the young girl and her mother approached the pastor and the mother told him that the young girl had a cancer in her arm and that the Doctors had told them that a possible amputation would have to occur at the shoulder. The young girl explained that she was feeling no pain in her arm and had a lot more movement after receiving the prayer. The pastor gave his cell number to the mother and requested an update on her daughters condition. Fast forward two weeks - the mother called the pastor and explained that the cancer had shrunk to the size of a walnut and they did not know how that happened and that there would be no chemo required, nor amputating the arm was necessary!

This peace is a reality of Christ’s love...

My faith in God has given me a deep peace.  My boyfriend said it’s almost overwhelming because of his high stress job, in an instant he is calm around me.  I have had clients at work tell me similar things.  I believe this is the peace I get from Jesus Christ.  He strengthens me, pulls me back when I feel worried or anxious. Peace, trust, and love are my favorite things about Jesus.  I have not always lived with this peace.  I have a history of anxiety, worry, etc.  This peace is a reality of Christ’s love and I’m eternally grateful.

- Anonymous

It felt as though a ton of bricks had been lifted from me...

As I was thinking about how God works, often He is the 11th hour God.  I hear story after story about how He's pulled couples from the very brink of divorce.  And this past summer, we were closer to the edge than ever.
Having a parent move in with us was challenging on many levels.  My parent and I have never been very close.  They have a personality disorder, therefore, I moved out when I was 19 and never looked back.  There was a lot of emotional violence in my family between my parents and I was more than happy to move east when the opportunity presented itself.  
With that said, my parent has been home with me and my husband for almost a month.  I had no idea the level of care that was needed and I think I cried the entire first week.  I had one part-time care giver and that wasn't enough.  I re-injured my back trying to move my parent from place to place.  I prayed for help and now we have three WONDERFUL Christian care givers who come at various times to care and give us relief.  They speak to my parent about God and encourage to watch Joel Osteen daily. My parent is regularly reading devotionals.  At first, it was tolerated.  Now, my parent looks forward to the time with these ladies in the Lord.
Having a parent in my home has brought back a lot of childhood trauma and I was becoming more sleepless, short -tempered, angry and anxiety-ridden.  All of the issues, of which, I had been healed (from my childhood) came flooding back.   I've been sticking close to my therapist and God during this time.  Jesus really has a sense of humor.  When we bought the house, I had NO IDEA that my therapist lived just a few houses away.  We have kept professional boundaries but still see each other on occasion (where we avoid personal issues).
My husband has been AMAZING with my parent. He's been available to both of us as we've needed him.  Often, he anticipates our needs and does various tasks without being asked.  He's been patient with my mood swings and deserves a medal.
Fast forward to last night, we were able to get out to have dinner by ourselves.  We had the deepest conversation I think we've ever had.  He had such a presence about him that I've never seen before.  An inner confidence and a peace.  What he shared with me was such a gift.
He explain that since we moved to this house, he's never felt God's love in his heart more strongly.  He explained that it had nothing to do with the house itself but more that he was able to open his heart to love me and my mother the way we deserved to be loved.   I'm sure that the people in the next booth thought he'd asked me for a divorce because I burst into tears.  Truly, the ice that's been around his heart for so many years has melted.  This is a miracle that only could have been accomplished through our Lord.  It felt as though a ton of bricks had been lifted from me.  It's made everything at I/we have gone through all worth it.  I've been praying for this for years.  In turn, I feel much freer to love him and my parent.  I truly have the partner I've been waiting for all these years.  I realize that I need to grow into the partner that he deserves.  God is good!!!!

- Anonymous

He is not using his glasses...

A Young man David who comes to Gateway regularly, recently received new glasses for his eyes. He came to service on Sunday 11/6 and during the worship service got healed of his seeing issue. He is not using his glasses and his eyesight is perfect. Thank You Jesus!

- Pastor Scott Millet

...started jumping on the broken foot!

A young lady came up for prayer for a broken right foot which she had in a moon boot. She was very upset as she is getting married on 11/12. After receiving prayer she removed the boot totally healed and started jumping on the broken foot!  Thank You Jesus!

- Pastor Scott Millet

The CT scan showed no clots in her legs!

We visited Martha at Yale Hospital who had suspected blood clots in her legs. After she received prayer she went for a CT scan the following day.  The CT scan showed no clots in her legs.  Thank You Jesus.

- Pastor Scott & Jodi Millet

I have been looking for a job for seven months...

On Sunday during ministry time, I asked one of the prayer servants to pray with me for a job. I have been looking for a job for seven months since coming to the USA with no success. The prayer servant prayer for me and told me whilst I was back with my family in India on vacation, the Lord had really blessed a lot of people in our congregation with jobs and we as a church have been going after having 0% unemployment in the church.  

At 5pm Sunday afternoon, I received a job offer. Thank You Jesus!

- Devena

A lady dropped dead at a prayer meeting...

A lady dropped dead at a prayer meeting yesterday. I prayed and raised her from the dead by calling her back. She jumped up and said, "Why did you bring me back?". It was a powerful and amazing testimony!

- Florence, Prayer Servant

...she was not expected to leave the hospital...

Approximately six weeks ago we received a call that Eugenia Armstrong was in Yale Hospital with a lung disease. The Yale Hospital chaplain advised she had requested pastoral prayer from Gateway. When we visited her, she had oxygen tubes connected and was being examined by doctors. Our prayer time was brief and we commanded healing into her body and lungs. We later found out that she was not expected to leave the hospital and if she did she would be on oxygen for the rest of her life. Fast forward to two weeks ago Eugenia is healing well with no oxygen. She has a friend who also prayed that she would not die and would be healed. This is truly an amazing testimony of the goodness of God.

I received job interviews for three jobs...

I've been out of work for many months. I am well qualified but have had no job interviews in my particular field of expertise. After Sunday, I made a declaration that I am no longer going to be without a job and pulled down the anointing for the Lord to make open the doors for job interviews. On Monday I received job interviews for three jobs, all within my field. Thank You Jesus.

The doctor said that in his whole life he has never seen a miracle like this.

My sister Solangel texted me from Puerto Rico that her mother-in law was rushed to the hospital and had an internal bleeding that the doctors could not find out. So I asked three of my friends to pray for her. Then I texted my sister back and told her not to worry and that God is in control. So my other sister Minerva, texted me the next day and told me that they were preparing her for surgery. They found out that she had bleeding in the ulcer. They decided to do another ultrasound and x-ray to prepare for surgery. When the ultrasound results came back, it showed no signs of bleeding or ulcer. She was completely healed. The doctor said that in his whole life he has never seen a miracle like this. So he called the other head nurse from the other floor to look at the x-ray, and said praise God she is healed. Thank Jesus thank you for the blessing!!!

- Carmen

...my voice returned.

I came to church on Sunday suffering from an extreme sore throat. So much so I could hardly talk. After receiving prayer from the Ministry Team after service I was able to talk, my throat is better and my voice returned.

- Rebecca Santora


Arthritis and cramping healed!

I had been suffering with arthritis and cramping in my right hand. I came and received prayer on the 17th of April. I have been 98% healed!! Thank you Jesus!!!

- Marvin Ward

...hair started to grow back immediately.

My hair was falling out and I went and received prayer from the Altar Ministry Team. After receiving prayer my hair started to grow back immediately.

- Mary Penn

...no more pain.

I had fractured my elbow last June and due to that my shoulder and hand were hurting a lot. It even hurt to raise my hand. I came up for prayer and now there is no more pain.

...pressure on the neck and shoulder has now been released.

I have been having ongoing problems with my shoulder and. It got worse and on Sunday it was really bothering me. So I came up for prayer at the end of the service. Someone prayed for me and the pressure on the neck and shoulder has now been released. I am grateful to God for providing this healing.


It was an instantaneous 'pop' feeling in my chest...

On Saturday, I had been praying since 7am and then watched the 10am service via live stream. After that, I felt lead to go and listen to some teachings by Pastor Benny Hinn. When we lived in California, we were under his ministry, but later left due to some personal issues. So on Saturday the Lord lead me to forgive and engage in listening to a teaching on the anointing and presence of the Lord and how important that is - His dwelling presence and intimacy should be our very focus. As I forgave Pastor Benny and myself for being unforgiving, I stretched out my hands to receive and I was instantly healed of a pestilent bronchitis that had been bothering me since the first week of January. It was an instantaneous 'pop' feeling in my chest and the congestion was immediately gone! Since about 4 months ago I began praying for Pastor Benny daily and did not realize I had not fully forgiven him. When I forgave him my heart was healed as well.