My Complications

When I was about 6 weeks into my pregnancy, the nausea and vomiting began. The majority of the food that I ate would come back up. This is my third pregnancy and I didn’t experience this in my other pregnancies. Instead of gaining weight, I lost a total of 7 pounds in less than a month. My doctor was concerned about my weight loss and subscribed a drug called Zofran, which stops the nausea and vomiting. The drug did help some but caused more complications. Within 3 weeks, I chose to stop taking the drug and find more natural remedies to stop the nausea and vomiting.

When I was about 18 to 19 weeks pregnant it was time for an ultrasound. The ultrasound technician checked to make sure the baby was growing properly. She let us know that the baby is a boy. When I asked her if everything was ok, she wouldn’t answer me. She did mention that the baby is very active. She told me that the doctor will come in and check over the baby too. While my husband and I waited for the doctor to come, we talked about names for the baby and we couldn’t come to an agreement.

The Diagnosis and Their Solution

The doctor came in with a student and allowed her to check the baby first and they talked amongst themselves and then the doctor checked on the baby. He said “Your baby is very active.” He then said, “There is something wrong with the baby. We noticed a cyst on is brain close to his cerebellum. It’s a condition called Dandy Walker Malformation. This can cause imbalance issues for him as he gets older or something much more serious.” He then stopped referring to my son as a baby and now called him a fetus. He said “The fetus could have major complications and we have a couple of options and one of the options is to terminate.” I said, “Terminate the pregnancy? You mean have an abortion?” He said, "Yes" and I told him that abortion is not an option for me and that I will not have an abortion. I was in shock that this doctor just suggested that I have my child killed because of a problem that can easily be solved by God. My heart hurt to hear the news and to hear the solution the doctor gave me.

I was then moved to a genealogist and the way she introduced herself to me, I felt she was preparing me for my son’s funeral. I told her that it breaks my heart to hear the doctor suggest to me to abort my baby. I said that is not an option for me and that should never be an option. She told me that she is sorry she offended me but because of the condition of the baby that I would need to get used to hearing that because other doctors will suggest this to me. I told her that is something I can never get used to and there are lots of people born with issues and they deserve to live. I said, I have two beautiful children today, if I would have terminated them, they wouldn’t be here with us.

The genealogist then proceeded to ask me numerous questions. She asked me if I was on any drugs or if I drank alcohol during the pregnancy. I said I did take Zofran but stopped within 3 weeks because of other complications. She said “Zofran was not the cause of this. More than likely it came from your family history.” I had 3 brothers and my mother passed away due to heart complications but not brain conditions. I believe that Zofran was the cause of this issue.

God Steps In

After my Husband and I left the Doctor’s office we were sad but even though I was sad, I said, “This is the time we really have to put our faith in God because our son will be healed through Him.” I called friends on the phone that I knew would step in and pray for the baby. That evening, I felt like I needed to have a conversation with God, and I felt that He really wanted to talk to me too. So I decided that after I prepare my hair for bed, then I will have a conversation with God, but I felt God did not want to wait and He had something to say at that moment. I listened and He said “I make all things new”. I didn’t immediately understand how the words I heard from God related to this situation. Then God revealed it to me. If you buy something new, you don’t expect it to have any defects and if it does, you bring it back to the store and exchange it for one that has no defects. When God makes something new, there are no defects at all. God was telling me that He made my son new, with no defects. He was made healthy and whole.

That same evening, God gave me a vision and showed me a group of women surrounding me, with their hands laid on my head, stomach, back and arms. I was supposed to go to a pool party with my children the next day, so I thought maybe the vision will be fulfilled there. I decided not to go to the pool party because I was not in the mood to party, and thought that I would now miss my chance to have a group of women pray or me and the baby. Instead of going to the party, I decided to go to the Healing Rooms at Gateway Fellowship, the day after the news from the doctor. I needed to be around people who believes the same way I do, so I can have one or two other people in agreement with me.

When I went into the room there was three women there to pray for me. I told them the story of the baby and they asked if I chose a name. My Husband and I could not agree on a name, so I told the women that the baby doesn’t have a name yet. One of the women told me a short story about her grandson and she said his name is Josiah. I immediately fell in love with the name Josiah, and I said “Josiah? I like that name.” Two of the women immediately went to look up the meaning of Josiah and they were both amazed and excited. One of the women with tears in her eyes said “Josiah means healed by Jehovah” I knew that had to be my son’s name, so every time I call his name, I will be proclaiming his testimony that he was healed by Jehovah. The women prayed and I left there feeling very encouraged and satisfied.

On the way to my car, I noticed my friend, Diane Sconziano’s car, and I decided to look for her in the chapel and to talk with her for a few minutes. I thought the event that took place was over. When I went inside, I realized the event, which was the women’s breakfast, was still going on. I saw Diane in the front and didn’t want to interrupt the service, so I decided to wait for the service to end. While I was waiting, I saw my other friend, Kenya Neabar. I told her what was going on with the baby and she gave me encouraging words and told me she wants to have the leadership come and pray for me. I thought the leadership would come to the back where I was, but instead I saw Diane go to the microphone and I was called to the front. Diane was one of the friends I called the day before to pray for the baby. She told the women in the audience what the doctors told me about the baby and what they suggested I do to the baby. She asked all of the women in the audience to pray in agreement with me that the baby will be healed. Immediately the women who sat at the leadership table surrounded me, and laid their hands on my head, stomach, back and arms. The vision that God showed me the night before was taken place at that moment. In my vision, I only saw the group of women around me, but I didn’t see the 80+ women in the audience praying for me as well. After the service was over, I had several women
approach me and give me a word from God and pray for me more. On that day, July 25th, all doubt fled away from me. I came home and told my husband everything that happened. He also agreed that the baby should be named Josiah. God personally planned my whole day and it showed me how much He loves me.

After that day, I had a few appointments. The last appointment was with the pediatric neurosurgeon. He told me my son was missing a Vermis which, “plays a role in maintaining equilibrium and coordinating speech, eye and body movement and specifically along the extremities.” He said my son can either be a normal child or have major issues where he requires 24 hour care. He then told me that most parents will just start all over. As the doctor was giving me the sad diagnosis, baby Josiah was moving around in my womb with excitement as if to say “Mommy, don’t listen to that doctor, my body works just fine.” I told the doctor that abortion is not an option for us and we will be having this baby in December. I speak scriptures over my son every day and declare that he is healed and healthy and that God has created in him the vermis that he needs.