It was an awesome night in when Pastor Lance prayed for healing over Ezra and Eli. As Pastor Lance was praying someone spoke a word over them as well. Our family and friends have been holding the boys up in prayer too. Both boys where given dire reports which included extensive decay, premature re-absorption, and overbite - all requiring appliances and procedures extending well into the future. I clamied all the promises of the scriptures at the healing service that night. Last week I took Ezra to a new dentist. We switched dentists prayerfully after feeling unsettled about continuing with the same practice. At that visit we were told that the new scans show that there is no further decay and or no misalignment in Ezra's mouth! Only the scars of the past trauma to his lower teeth remain! We know that there is healing available for this too! Today I took Eli for an initial visit and his new scans show that there is only one very small area on a single tooth where re-absorption is visible, but that this is normal for his age. No decay! The misalignment of his lower teeth won't be addressed for 4 years or so until he has lost all his baby teeth. We have that span of time to continue praying for complete alignment! Praise God! We are rejoicing and will be ever grateful for the gift of healing at Gateway!!

Thank you Pastor for your agreement and willingness to engage with your flock.

Nancy, Martin, Ezra, Elias & Aleid