On January 17, 2015 I went to the Healing Room at Gateway Christian Fellowship to get prayer for my sister. The word that came forth is that “there is not a spirit of death over your family”. Your sister will be fine. She will go through three times of testing for this diagnosis. “God is strengthening her and calming her to help her through all the testing processes.  As we were waiting for my sister's surgery to take place, we kept reminding ourselves of the word that came forth on January 17th in the Healing Rooms.  My sister who lives in Boston, Massachusetts went in to have major surgery on her kidney. The doctor had previously seen a huge white growth on the kidney and felt that it was cancerous according to the testing.  There were also two cysts that appeared to be cancerous.  The doctor showed the picture of the huge white growth and cysts to my sister so that she could understand the urgency.  The doctor’s plan was to remove the huge white growth, remove the cysts and put two stents in the kidney. She had been in a lot pain, but she continued to go to work every day telling everyone about Jesus. People on her job, and anyone else who knows her, knows that when they have any kind of need, my sister will pray with, and for them and help them if she can.  When the doctors operated today, they found that the kidney looked normal. No huge white growth was found. The two small cysts were removed and sent for further testing.  The biggest problem that turned up was a blockage in the bladder which had to be scraped and the hole had to be opened.  The style of surgery that was originally planned where the stomach would have to be cut wasn’t done.  Instead, they did the surgery from within by placing a tube down her throat and in the rectum.  Originally, my sister was told that she would need months of recovery time. That quickly turned to three weeks.  Also, her son who didn’t seem to have any interest in God called her last night and prayed an awesome prayer with her.  My sister has to return to the surgeon in three months for a follow-up visit. Again, God has answered our prayers.  We continue to praise God for His mercy, grace and love.