A young man was unable to come to the healing rooms because of his health issues.  He had received a prior diagnosis of brain tumors, one of which was cancerous.  He was scheduled for surgery the following Wednesday.  A team from the healing rooms prayed with him via FaceTime. God is so amazing the team not only got the chance to pray for him before surgery but they also had the opportunity to lead him in prayer to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior!   Prior to surgery he had been told that he would lose vision in his left eye because of the position of the tumor, and would also develop weakness on the left side of his body which might result in hemiparesis (lack of movement on the left side). The Doctors were shocked to find that his tumor was the size of an orange behind his right eye all the way back to his ear then towards mid-line of his hemisphere moving it over significantly. PRAISE GOD!!! JEHOVAH RAPHA intervened and the young man's vision remained perfect after surgery.  No loss of vision and no weakness or deficits on the left side of his body.