A few months ago I wasn’t feeling myself and I had gone to my ob-gyn to get an exam to find out what was happening. The doctor did an internal exam and right away felt a mass on my left side.  She ordered an ultra sound to be done right away and scheduled it for the next Wednesday. My brother who works at the healing rooms suggested that I come in on Saturday morning for prayer. I went in and filled out a form for the healing rooms, but didn’t put why I was there. One of the team members praying over the paper experienced a pain in her lower left side.  She shared this with the other members of the team.  When I entered the room for prayer and shared with the team where my pain was, this confirmed to the team that one of our team members had received a word of knowledge from the Lord. I received more prayer a day before the ultrasound. On Wednesday morning when the ultrasound was done there was nothing on my left hand side, and the pain had subsided.