Saturday morning I awoke around 8.30am and put two drops of medicine in my left eye. Both drops resulted in agonizing pain that lasted forever.  The pain was coming from a lesion on the eyeball.  It was being treated by an ophthalmologist who inserted a temporary contact lens over the lesion to help the eye heal.  Around 11.30am the same day, my wife volunteered to put two more drops into my eye. Before using the drops she noticed that the contact lens had come out of the eye and was on my cheek. I immediately panicked at the thought of how painful it was going to be to have the eye drops in my eye with no protection from the contact lens.  After some deliberation I gathered enough courage to have the drops put in my eye.   Much to my surprise, the first drop brought neither pain nor discomfort!  Five minutes later when the second drop was put in my eye there was no pain, not even any slight discomfort!!!   Where did all the miserable pain go?   Then I remembered!! The Saturday morning Healing Room team was praying for my healing.  I received the healing they had asked God for me!  I am so grateful that God HEALED me!  The following Monday afternoon, I had a follow-up appoint with the ophthalmologist who looked into the eye and said, "the lesion was gone!! You are completely healed! Stop taking both medications."  Praise God my Healer!