On Saturday, I had been praying since 7am and then watched the 10am service via live stream. After that, I felt lead to go and listen to some teachings by Pastor Benny Hinn. When we lived in California, we were under his ministry, but later left due to some personal issues. So on Saturday the Lord lead me to forgive and engage in listening to a teaching on the anointing and presence of the Lord and how important that is - His dwelling presence and intimacy should be our very focus. As I forgave Pastor Benny and myself for being unforgiving, I stretched out my hands to receive and I was instantly healed of a pestilent bronchitis that had been bothering me since the first week of January. It was an instantaneous 'pop' feeling in my chest and the congestion was immediately gone! Since about 4 months ago I began praying for Pastor Benny daily and did not realize I had not fully forgiven him. When I forgave him my heart was healed as well.