My sister Solangel texted me from Puerto Rico that her mother-in law was rushed to the hospital and had an internal bleeding that the doctors could not find out. So I asked three of my friends to pray for her. Then I texted my sister back and told her not to worry and that God is in control. So my other sister Minerva, texted me the next day and told me that they were preparing her for surgery. They found out that she had bleeding in the ulcer. They decided to do another ultrasound and x-ray to prepare for surgery. When the ultrasound results came back, it showed no signs of bleeding or ulcer. She was completely healed. The doctor said that in his whole life he has never seen a miracle like this. So he called the other head nurse from the other floor to look at the x-ray, and said praise God she is healed. Thank Jesus thank you for the blessing!!!

- Carmen