Recently one of our pastors was at an auto parts shop when he saw a young girl and her mother in the shop who he did not know. He saw that the young girl had her arm in a sling. He felt prompted by Holy Spirit to approach her and place his hand on her shoulder and quietly praying a healing prayer. He prayed for her and told her that he hoped she gets better. As the pastor was leaving the store, the the young girl and her mother approached the pastor and the mother told him that the young girl had a cancer in her arm and that the Doctors had told them that a possible amputation would have to occur at the shoulder. The young girl explained that she was feeling no pain in her arm and had a lot more movement after receiving the prayer. The pastor gave his cell number to the mother and requested an update on her daughters condition. Fast forward two weeks - the mother called the pastor and explained that the cancer had shrunk to the size of a walnut and they did not know how that happened and that there would be no chemo required, nor amputating the arm was necessary!