The Why and Purpose of Gateway Groups…

Why Gateway Groups?


When we think about why we open our doors and gather together as family and friends, only one answer comes to mind - LOVE! Everything we do is motivated by God’s love for us, our love for God and our love for others. What we know from personal experiences, from history, from the stories of others and from the writings in the Bible is that LOVE transforms. That’s our why!

What is the purpose of a Gateway Group?

  • To connect to the heart of God.

  • To connect with one another and care for each other.

  • To discover their unique purpose and destiny.

  • To train, disciple and release new leaders; in-turn reproducing new Gateway Groups.

  • To serve the community.

What does a successful and reproducing Gateway Group look like?

  • Experiencing God together through worship, prayer, engaging the bible and sharing testimonies.

  • Being family by being honest and vulnerable, and carrying involvement in the lives of others.

  • Being family is also about identifying, developing and releasing leaders through training, encouragement and growth opportunities.

  • Sharing love everywhere by consistently planning and practicing a monthly outreach, which will add value to the community.