1. Presence - Our supreme value and mission in life is to host God’s presence, abide in Him and live with the awareness of who He is.

2. Prayer - What we are a part of is bigger than the part we play and the part we play is prayer, which is partnership with Jesus for the transformation of history. Prayer is God’s ordained way to bring His miracle power to bear upon human need.

3. Power - We want the power of God to live a supernatural life.

4. People - We want God to thrust us into the harvest field, loving our neighbors, sharing the gospel and discipling people.

5. Provision - We want to have 0% unemployment, live debt free and be radically generous in all ways possible.

6. Plans - We want heaven’s unique strategies & ideas for building His kingdom.

7. Peace -  We will be a healthy family experiencing the peace of God that passes all understanding.