We recognize that many churches use language and terms unfamiliar with guests and new members.  Therefore we are providing a list of terms that are important to our culture to help you better understand what we mean when we use these words.



Covenant - I will be to you what I am supposed to be regardless if you will be who you are supposed to be.



Deliverance - Freedom from demonic possession and/or influence, by the Holy Spirit's power, so that a person or group of people can choose to become who God says they are, do good and demonstrate the kingdom in love, with power.



Family - A gathering of Christ followers who are called to build the kingdom of God, on the earth, together.

Freedom - The ability to make healthy choices in the midst of a culture with limitless options. 



Honor - I will celebrate who you are without stumbling over who you are not.

Hope - The confident expectation that the goodness of God will be made known in my life, heart and circumstances.



Joy - A strengthening disposition of my heart based upon the eternal goodness of God.



Kingdom of God - In its largest scope, it is the rule of God over everything and everybody, everywhere; for all time and eternity. But in it's earthly sense, here and now, it is the silent and steady rule of God over all. When viewing through a communal scope, the Kingdom of God is a series of covenant relationships, whereby we express love and forgiveness in peaceful and empowering partnerships under the Lordship of Jesus Christ; for the purpose of displacing evil, doing good and establishing the reality of Heaven on Earth. On a personal level, it is the transcendent and transforming rule of God over surrendered lives through the Holy Spirit, who is working in us to conform us to the image of Christ.



Leadership - Leadership is intentionally developing culture & people, with integrity, through relational connection.

Love - The nature of whom God is that shapes and influences how He interacts with our lives. Love always wins.



Orphan - A person who lives unaware and/or outside of their rightful, powerful and significant position in the family of God.



Relevance - Role model what culture wants to be, not what culture is.



Self-Control - The ability to manage one's self with health and dignity while navigating a culture of limitless options.

Significance - I am significant in the eyes of God based upon the fact Jesus died for me and AS me.

Spiritual Orphan - A person who lives unaware of their rightful, powerful and significant position in the family of God.



Triumph - The already settled, victorious position in God. It is not something to be attained, but something to be enforced.