From the disciples asking Jesus to teach them how to pray, to Jesus teaching the disciples to never stop praying and never giving up hope, to Jesus role-modeling an intimate prayer life and a public prayer life, to Jesus telling us that His ‘called-out believers’ are to be known as a House of Prayer - highlights that prayer is a cornerstone in our Christian faith. It's a central and intimate practice through which we commune with God, grow in Christian character, and partner with Jesus building His Kingdom in our human hearts.

Therefore, prayer is a fundamental, significant, and joyful practice in the life of Gateway. In 2014, during a time of prayer, we sensed Jesus asking us to say ‘yes’ to a ten-year prayer assignment, targeting seven specific areas for prayer.  

Listed below are the seven prayer points with a short description for each.  


  1. Presence - Our supreme value and mission in life is to host God’s presence, abide in Him, & live aware of who He is.

  2. Prayer - What we are a part of is bigger than the part we play and the part we play is prayer, which is partnership with Jesus for the transformation of history. Prayer is God’s ordained way to bring His miracle power to bear upon human need.

  3. Power - We want the power of God to live a supernatural life.

  4. People - We want God to thrust us into the harvest field, loving our neighbors, sharing the gospel, & discipling people.

  5. Provision - We want to have 0% unemployment, live debt free, and be radically generous in all ways possible.

  6. Plans - We want heaven’s unique strategies & ideas for building His kingdom.

  7. Peace - We will be a healthy family experiencing the peace of God that passes all understanding.

Below, is a prayer video providing you an opportunity to pray with us. The video lasts 35 minutes and has instrumental music playing through it. 


Thank you for praying with us. May Christ be glorified and His purposes fulfilled in our church.