Train, equip, and release women in their gifts, skills, and talents that they may grow in their individual relationship with the Lord, and learn to live and function as a healthy and empowered member of the Gateway family and the Church as a whole. 

 We will accomplish this in the following ways:

Monthly Prayer & Worship

A time that always leaves room for God to move, and for our individual passion for the Lord to become contagious to those around us. Check the current events page for the schedule.  Makes room for intercessors to move in their gift.


Through the use of books, DVD’s, etc, we will receive from teachers, preachers, and prophets who are releasing relevant messages for the growth and expansion of the Body of Christ; messages that support the mission of Gateway as a whole.  Makes room for those with leadership abilities to facilitate and direct the flow of learning.


Give women the opportunity to hear from God directly as well as through ministry from one another as we separate ourselves from the business and responsibilities of life for a short time.  Makes room for those with the gifts / skills of teaching, mercy, intercession, coaching, and deliverance ministry (SOZO) to operate. Gives opportunity for discipling relationships to start.

Fun Group Activities

Opportunities to learn to enjoy life with other believers, and to expand our capacity to love one another, despite / because of our differences.

Gateway Ministries

Making use of the tools already provided by the church that offer avenues of personal growth, ministry, freedom, and family:  SOZO, Gateway School of TransformationSmall Groups, and Love Where We Live.  Also release healthy and empowered women into these ministries.

Women's Fellowship Breakfasts

Give women the opportunity to gather and connect spiritually with one another, worship together, experience the Presence together, receive hope filled messages together, and receive healing prayer together, in order to form friendships and develop discipleship relationships. The cost is $10 per person in advance (no at door registrations).  Check the current events page for the dates.  Makes room for those with the gift of hospitality to create an environment that makes room for fellowship, and for those with altar ministry skills to operate.

Ministry COntact

Keacha Rogers

Women's Breakfast Sermon Archives

Loreen Lewis
June 1, 2019

Liz Rivera & Crystal Reid
March 16, 2019

Pastor Darlene Bane
January 19, 2019

Caroline Eldridge, Myra Mathis-Uwanogho & Theresa Flood
November 17, 2018

Pastor Lynn Lincoln & Pastor Darlene Bane
March 17, 2018

Keacha Rogers
January 20, 2018

Gina Blaze
November 18, 2017


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