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Encounter Day is an afternoon from where kids ages 6-13 will engage God with their creative side. We will be offering free dance, art, creative writing and drama sessions, all around encountering God in a deeper way. Register for one of these sessions online or in the Atrium on Sundays.


Teacher: Pattie Little

This is a class for 6yr-12yr old where your child can discover God through art. From marble painting to clay sculpting, each child will get a chance to engage with God creatively through art. Make sure they are dressed in clothing that can be painted in case of splatters! Drop them off by 1:00pm This art will be displayed on Sunday with your child's picture so Gateway can celebrate their time with God. 


Teacher: Deidre Johnson

Assistant: Loretta Dickerson

This is a class for 6yr-13yr old kids to discover God through drama. Deidre and Loretta have written a script around listening to God. When you register, inculde your child's sizes so that costumes can be purchased. 9:00am on Sunday, children will perform in front all of Gateway kids that Sunday. (9:00am for practice. Drop of them off by 1:00pm on Saturday so they can get started engaging with God through drama.


Teacher: Keacha Rogers

Did you know that writing is a superpower?  Through writing, you can create stories that make people laugh, forget about their problems, and encourage them to do great things.  This creative writing course will help you develop your writing superpower so that you can be the best writing hero imaginable.  During this course, you will receive some practical instruction about how to write a solid story, and together, with the rest of the class, you will create something amazing to share with your family and friends.

This is a class for 8yr- 13yrs kids.