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In Song of Songs 6:9 from The Passion Translation, your Bridegroom King Jesus calls you His beloved dove, unrivaled, without equal, beyond compare, perfect, and favorite. Basically, this verse is saying that He finds you Extraordinary!  

The purpose of this conference is two fold:

  1. It is for you to learn to marvel at the wonder of you!  He wants you to see you like He sees you, and if you can embrace the truth about who you are, then nothing will be impossible for you to accomplish, no calling too hard for you to walk in, no assignment too difficult for you to handle.  

  2. It is to equip and unleash into the world, daughters, who know who they are, whose they are, and how to infiltrate and impact their sphere of influence as a sign and a wonder of the only True and Living God. 

Extraordinary takes place April 26-27 here at Gateway Christian Fellowship. Our guest speaker for our two evening sessions is Danielle Babin from Cedar Park, TX. During the day on Saturday, we have a number of workshops for you to sign up for, all geared to speak to and call out of hiding the real you, the beloved, unrivaled, unequaled, incomparable, perfect daughter of God.  

The cost is $15 per person. Register at the door.

All workshops are full.


Danielle is a mother and leader of both the church and business community in Cedar Park, Texas. She co-pastors  of Shiloh Church with her husband, Lawrence Babin, and operates a real estate business while she raises 6 children, ages 8-21 years. Her passions in life are to see women empowered to be everything that the Lord has designed them to be through a lifestyle of worship, prayer, and commitment to relationships. Her desire is to be authentic so that the voice of God can be heard, truth can be revealed, and identity can be established. 

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (All Workshops are Full)

Friday, April 26
7:00pm - Danielle Babin

Saturday, April 27
1:30pm - Workshops (Full)
6:00pm - Danielle Babin

HOTEL INFORMATION: Click HERE to book your room for our discounted rate.  In the Corporate Account box, use code # 2688767



Creative Writing:

Story is power!  With it, doorways into different worlds, realities, and dimensions can be opened and explored.  The problems of life can be put on the back burner, and the reader can be swept up into grand adventures.  Story takes the focus off of our troubles and fears and offers us a doorway into escape.  As Christian writers, we have the unique privilege and ability to be able to open doors into worlds where people become immersed in stories that motivate them to change, encourage them to endure, and equip them to deal with real life.  Fantasy CAN and DOES infiltrate reality in order to bring healing and relief to the reader.  Fantasy CAN and DOES show people the real beauty and power of living a life with and for Christ.  If you believe writing is your gift and calling, this workshop will help you discover or re-discover the power of the pen as it relates to the influence you can have in this world.  You will receive some practical instruction, you will write, you will share, and you will walk away knowing the power you have to change lives with story.

Facilitator: Keacha Rogers


Keacha is the Director of Women’s Ministry at Gateway Christian Fellowship.  She  has been walking with the Lord for 30 years, and has over 30 years experience writing short stories, novels, plays, and Bible studies.  Keacha is called to help women discover how their passions in life reflect their gifting from God so that they can fulfill their mission on this earth.


The DiSC profile is a non-judgmental tool that provides a common language you can use to better understand yourself and others — within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships.
DISC can help you:

  • Increase your knowledge of how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress, and how you solve problems

  • Improve relationships by recognizing the priorities and communication needs of others

  • Explore your God-given strengths and discover how these strengths can be used for His glory.

Facilitator: Pastor Darlene Bane


A co-leader of Gateway since 2013, Darlene Bane  has over 20 years of teaching experience with children and adults. She was first introduced to a DISC workshop during her training as an early childhood educator and has for many years, used this teaching to encourage and empower others in a greater understanding of how people’s behavioral differences work together in the kingdom of God.


This is a modified SOZO session using color. SOZO is the greek word for “Being Made Whole”: Saved, Healed, and Delivered.  This encounter with the Godhead is a safe & gentle place to allow a cleansing and healing work to be done that will have a life changing effect.  Expect hidden creativity to be released as you discover healing through art!   No artistic talent needed.

Facilitator: Holly Pommer & Patty Little


 Holly and Patty are both gifted teachers who serve on the Gateway Women’s Advisory Board.  They are also members of Gateway’s SOZO team which is going into its seventh year of partnering with the Godhead to bring healing and wholeness to the individual’s spirit, soul & body.  They completed the training given by Bethel on Art SOZO which is a tool that helps people connect to the heart of God through art.