The second harvest included approximately:

  1. Spinach: 8 bushels harvested before cleaning (conservative estimate)
  2. Collard Greens: 14 grocery bags
  3. Kale: 12- 1 gallon bags
  4. Rainbow Swiss Chard: 8- 1 gallon bags
  5. Italian Parsley: 6- 1 gallon bags
  6. Upland Cress: 8- 1 gallon bags

After harvest of spinach was completed, the beds were prepared and winter squash seedlings were planted (approximately 60 plants). Additional varieties of winter squash seed were also planted.  Depending on weather and assuming healthy growth of plants, a significant goal is to have a variety of vegetables ready to harvest to share with the community at the Gateway outreach on August 13, 2016.