The following crops were harvested and distributed:

  1. Zucchini Squash: 24
  2. Scottish Kale: 40 (4-gallon bags)
  3. Cucumbers: 16
  4. Peppers: Sweet Banana-6
  5. Herbs
  6. Italian Parsley: 40 Quart-size bags
  7. Basil: 14 Quart-size bags
  8. Mild Italian Oregano: 14 Quart-size bags

Interim Harvest #1 has been ongoing since the last food pantry on July 23, 2016.

Since there is a 3-week gap until the next Food Pantry on August 13, 2016, harvested vegetables have been distributed to individual families in need in the neighborhood, Gateway members who have need, Gateway office staff members and Gateway Garden Members who have been consistently given their time in caring forn the garden.

 Harvested totals during this interim period include:

  1. Zucchini Squash: 61
  2. Cucumbers: 32
  3. Peppers (Sweet Banana, Hungarian Wax and Pablano): 24
  4. Tomatoes: Cherry (Blueboy* and Sweet 100)- 46
  5. Pear Tomatoes- 15
  6. Slicing Tomatoes- 10
  7. Oriental Eggplant: 3

*I have personally tested this variety on the first fully ripened one and the flavor was outstanding. The plant itself is very productive and hardy. This variety has two anti-pigments: lycopenes and anthrocyanins both of which are powerful anti-oxidant pigments.

Garden Upgrades: A soaker drip system has been installed in the main garden, sloped garden and three traffic islands. This will allow water to be distributed with minimal effort and more effectively than previously allowing water to be delivered to the root systems of individual plants minimizing the potential for diseases for each vegetable variety. Fortunately, the Lord has provided an abundance of rain during the last week and into this week so watering requirements have been/will be very limited.

The focus for the next two weeks will be optimizing the timing and harvest of vegetables and herbs for the next Food Pantry and Outreach on August 13, 2016.

Preparation of a user-friendly recipe collection has just been initiated to assist patrons of the Food Pantry in preparation of select vegetables grown in the garden. The first vegetable recipes will be targeted toward Kale.