Yo Soy el Camino (I am the Way) is the name of the orphanage in Palmira, Colombia, where 17 children currently live. Gabriela Lopez is the visionary and founder of this home. Gateway has been supporting the orphanage for over 14 years, which has helped countless children receive an education and spiritual guidance. Our hope and desire is that every child is given the necessary tools to become an independent adult while receiving Papa’s love within a loving and nourishing environment. 


Gateway has been a longtime supporter of the Love a Lots Orphanage in Ghana. Pastor Charles O’Kang has been a great asset to us, as he manages and oversees the property, the caretakers and the children. With God’s help and Gateway’s financial support, they have been able to buy property and begin construction for a permanent residence for the children, their caretakers and the missionaries that visit. Pastor Charles is also involved in the adoption process of the children and has been able to find adoptive parents here in the U.S.


Nancy Huepper is a longtime friend and member of Gateway who has dedicated her life to the children and orphans of Jamaica. She visits an orphanage called New Hope Children’s Home and teaches Sunday school in her community. Her heart and desire is to have each and every child learn that there is a Father in heaven who loves them unconditionally.


Gateway supports a couple in the Middle East, who have a heart to share the gospel with the Muslim community. They have served in African, European, and Middle Eastern countries. The School of Frontier Missions which they lead, has trained over 150 Church Planters, where they teach English and disciple new Muslim background believers. They are also the YWAM Regional Directors for this part of the world.


 Gateway was the home church to Tom and Nancy Cook who have been in the Philippines for the last 17 years. They have worked in urban, rural, and tribal environments bringing God’s Word and demonstrating His unconditional love. They still call Gateway their home and we have partnered with them to bring God’s Love to places we are not able to go to. 


Frank and Robbie Pack have been short-term missionaries to Ukraine since 2001 and have ministered in churches all over Ukraine. Oleg Bondar, a pastor who Frank and Robbie helped, has established an organization approved by the Ukrainian government to assist refugees. The military conflict continues, and there is a lot of danger on the front line. Funds from Gateway have been sent to provide food, water, clothing and train tickets to relocate refugees that are fleeing from war-torn Eastern Ukraine.

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