Read the Word

As part of our “In the Beginning” prayer and fasting season we are committing to read the Gospel of Mark during the month of January. Let’s read the Gospel of Mark and ask God to fill us with the power to love God, which looks like obedience; and to love others, which looks like serving and stepping out in faith to administer God’s grace with power.

Here's a reading plan to help guide you during the month of January. We will also send out a daily devotional based upon our readings in Mark. If you prefer a booklet, they will be available as well. Additionally, we have a copy of Bob Sorge’s recent book, “Reset: 20 Ways to a Consistent Prayer Life” for $1. 

We also encourage you to use the following tools to chronicle your journey.



God has been so good to Gateway in 2018 and we believe great things will continue in 2019. Therefore, we are asking you to join us in 20 days of 24/7 prayer. From the beginning of creation, we discover a God who creates life with the power of His voice.  When we listen and pray what He says, life is created. Beginning January 1, 2019 at 8:00am, we will partner with Him for 20 days of 24/7 prayer and fasting.

We will end our 20 days of prayer, fasting and reading the bible on Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 8am. 

Thanks for participating in this powerful time and for lending your voice and heart to the dreams and promises God has for us.

Please email us and let us know about your time with Jesus. 




Jan 1 Mark 1:1-20

Presence. Our supreme value and mission in life is to host God’s presence, abide in Him, & live aware of who He is.

Jan 2 Mark 1:21-45
Jan 3 Mark 2
Jan 4 Mark 3

Prayer. We want to increase our times of prayer as this is God’s ordained way to bring His miracle power to bear upon human need. As our partnership with God for the transformation of history, prayer will become a priority.

Jan 5 Mark 4
Jan 6 Mark 5
Jan 7 Mark 6:1-29  

Provision. We want to have 0% unemployment, live debt free, and be radically generous in all ways possible.

Jan 8 Mark 6:30-56
Jan 9 Mark 7
Jan 10 Mark 8

People. We want God to thrust us into the harvest field, loving our neighbors, sharing the Gospel, and discipling people.

Jan 11 Mark 9
Jan 12 Mark 10:1-31
Jan 13 Mark 10:32-52

Power. We want the power of God to live a supernatural life.

Jan 14 Mark 11
Jan 15 Mark 12
Jan 16 Mark 13

Plans. We want heaven’s unique strategies and ideas for building His kingdom.

Jan 17 Mark 14:1-31
Jan 18 Mark 14:32-72
Jan 19 Mark 15

Plans. We will be a healthy family experiencing the peace of God that passes all understanding.

Jan 20 Mark 16